January poop, rain and blues...

Mr Hoo and myself


Festivies are over and you are feeling meh! I get you. I get it. I have been there! It feels as if its going to be forever until the spring.

Well guess what its not!! Yay!! So its time to prep! Tidy that tack room, look up your show dates and get planning. Use the extra not riding time to get that matchy matchy look sorted or buy another pair of over reach boots for the field. As your horse throws shoes for a past time.There is also a awesome rider diary I spotted on Facebook. I will share the link if I can find it again. 

So thats what I have been upto, clearing up poop, getting wet, barely riding and buying Mr Hoo some lovely goodies to wear in the sunshine 🌞

We at Nag Mad Equestrian have some exciting news coming up which will all be revealed soon. So do keep a eye on the blog for updates. Also our gallery of customers is growing!! If you wish to be added to our hall of fame. Inbox me a picture of yourself or your horse with your purchase. 

Last but not least... hinty hinty time! Root around in your parcels as random parcels will have a freebie treat in there either for yourself or your furry clip clopping friend.

So over to you! We love to hear what you have all been upto. Drop a message to post what you have been upto down below.

Speak soon & lots of unicorn sparkles

Maria x

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