Ecorider Shampoo Scrub Bar
Ecorider Shampoo Scrub Bar

Ecorider Shampoo Scrub Bar

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Available in 3 fabulous scents our new eco soaps achieve wonderful results with zero plastic waste

Cleansing soap bar
Paraben free, PEG free and 100% vegan

Plastic-free shampoo bar

Natural shampoo made with 100% natural fragrance

100% natural origin ingredients & recyclable cardboard packaging

Comes with sisal bag with hook - use the bar inside the bag to give additional scrubbing effect when washing your horse.


❤️ Take Care of Your Horse's Skin: The natural sisal soap holder is great for exfoliation or massage, assist the blood circulation, increase metabolism and improve immunity.
🌱 Eco Friendly and Natural: Ecorider Vegan shampoo bars soap holder bags are made of natural raw materials which are gentle on the environment, replacing traditional bath sponges and reduce the use of plastic bottles.
⭐ Easy to Use: Very easy to use, add water to create lather and apply to your horse's coat in circular movements. The drawstring design prevents soap from slipping out. Easy to store and dry after use

Lavender offers a wonderful scent, has anti inflammatory properties and anti bacterial properties

Tea tree is nature's gift, the oil is commonly used to help clear up infections and there is evidence regarding succesful use on horses to fight rain rot, thrush, cuts and scrapes and even ringworm

Citronella, helps to prevent insect bites, acts as a repellent and has a wonderful fresh fragrance